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Lina regularly updates this fashion-focused website. She promotes her work on social media and sends out a monthly newsletter. You can now listen to her latest blog posts here. Her fashion blog covers the following editorial content:



Read all about the latest fashion trends emerging from the most renowned catwalk shows in the world. From power capes to stylish suits, find out what could work for you, taking into account what you already have on your wardrobe and your lifestyle.


Social Media

Taking inspiration from photos shared on Instagram, these blog posts feature a highly curated selection of images covering different topics: mood boards, black and white photography, fashion and lifestyle. They also offer a critical viewpoint about social media and inspire a healthy approach towards it.



This category features blog posts about art exhibitions, online learning, fashion designers, photographers and recently published books... You can also find suggestions about the best podcasts to listen to, covering the fashion industry. 


Fashion Sustainability

These posts aim to raise awareness about fashion sustainability, a movement to change the industry towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. From reducing production to sustainable brands and inspiring documentaries, learn more about this movement and become conscientious about your own power as consumer.



From the most-watched red carpet events in the world, like the Met Gala, to Paris couture shows, this category features the best dresses for the brightest stars, usually dressed by top celebrity stylists. There's also a focus on personal style and style references, with illustrating videos.


Career Strategy

Learn insights and get advice from career coaches and fashion industry insiders to help you develop your own career strategy. These blog posts also feature inspiring videos and podcasts from successful entrepreneurs.   

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Personal Styling

Lina helps clients achieve their best look with a highly curated selection of womenswear clothes and shoes, responding to specific requirements established during an initial one-to-one meeting. 


This personal styling service eliminates the anxiety of looking or shopping for new clothes, and it can include wardrobe consultations in order to organise or create new capsule looks for work, events or special occasions. 


The Styling Gallery features a selection of pieces and looks to showcase Lina's style, but it's important to remember that personal styling is all about you, taking into account your individual body shape, budget and particular lifestyle.