Portrait wearing Chanel

Photo: Oliver Goodwill

Lina is passionate about fashion and loves writing about it. After studying Media and Fashion Design, she did a masters degree on Fashion Studies, Communication & Culture at The London College of Fashion, a constituent college of the University of the Arts London. 


While studying, she did a few internships in the fashion department of renowned magazines, such as Dazed & Confused. Even though the work was focused on tracking samples and organising the fashion cupboard, it was possible to have a glimpse of the fascinating world of magazine editorials. 


Like so many other interns, Lina covered her living costs by working in retail. Her experience includes luxury brands with a strong heritage - such as Burberry and Christian Dior. This provided valuable insights about the business side of fashion, not only in relation to customers' needs, but also into the way brands operate to foster loyalty and stimulate sales.  


Lina pursued a career in journalism, having worked as a BBC World Service producer, attending staff training courses and adopting high editorial standards. Regarding fashion journalism, she was the contributing editor to prestigious magazines like Vogue and Elle, always suggesting what to write about. 


When fashion blogging was starting to gain momentum, Lina used this platform to communicate with a new audience, attracting a few thousand visitors each month. She produced videos about London's vibrant fashion world, attending London Fashion Week, showroom events and art exhibitions.


Her career took a new direction towards communications and events, after embracing an opportunity to work for a multinational charity close to her heart. In 2019, she moved to Paris for a year to venture into the world of French fashion, but felt detached from the Parisian conventional mindset.


Currently, Lina lives in London and works as a freelance fashion editor and personal stylist, while developing her sustainable fashion business, based on circular economy principles.