Fashion Editor & Personal Stylist

Photo: Oliver Goodwill

I was born and grew up in Coimbra, Portugal, known for its 13th century university and vibrant academic life. After completing my studies in Media and Fashion Design, I moved to London to do a masters degree on Fashion Studies, Communication & Culture at The London College of Fashion, a constituent college of the University of the Arts London. 


While studying there, I did a few internships in the fashion department of renowned magazines such as Arena and Dazed & Confused. Retail helped supporting my living costs, and the experience in luxury brands with a strong heritage - such as Burberry and Christian Dior - was particularly insightful.


I did pursue a career in journalism, having worked as a BBC World Service producer in London, attending different training courses offered to staff and adopting high editorial standards. This role was focused on world news and current affairs. Regarding fashion journalism in particular, I wrote to the Portuguese Vogue and Elle magazines from London, always suggesting what to write about.


The closing down of the BBC service I used to worked for led to the exploration of other possibilities like fashion blogging. After a while, I embraced the opportunity of working for a charity close to my heart, mainly in communication and events. 


My freelance work as a Fashion Editor and Personal Stylist is a way of expressing my passion for fashion and applying some of the multiple skills developed throughout my career up to the present moment. 

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