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Realising most of us spend far too much time staring at a computer screen, it's now possible to listen to blog posts instead of reading them. You can listen to this audio blog while going for a run or a walk in the park. The point is to connect with those who don't have that much time,  or simply prefer to listen to someone instead of reading. If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch

Breaking Concepts
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Breaking Concepts

Published 30/03/2021. "Open Letter to Recruiters. Only shortlisted candidates have the opportunity to actually communicate with recruiters, and obviously they want to secure a job offer, which means they cannot be entirely honest without coming across as ‘difficult’..."

Fashion Trends Autumn 2021
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Fashion Trends 2021

Published 14/03/2021. "The pandemic has sparked multiple responses from brands and designers regarding catwalk shows. Some continued to present their collections this way, while others used other formats or refrained from presenting altogether, like Gucci and Marc Jacobs...."

Public Affair
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Public Affair

Published 10/03/2021. "After much deliberation about whether to write about the controversial interview of the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry with Oprah Winfrey, it’s obvious I've decided to voice my opinion like so many other people. This interview has sparked many comments from supporters and those against it, creating an unhelpful division that mirrors what happened in the royal family..."

Blue Blood & Work B**ch
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Blue Blood

Published 26/02/2021. "Nowadays, brand partnerships are increasingly commonplace and can be highly profitable to all those involved. We can all think of many celebrities who have endorsed a particular brand while wearing incredible couture gowns on the red carpet..."

Work B**ch

Published 23/02/2021. "It’s impossible not to be touched by the documentary about Britney Spears. “Framing Britney”, which was recently released by Sky in the UK, is utterly disturbing and it raises a lot of questions about the legal system in the US, the way female celebrities are handled by the media, and human rights in the world at large. ..."

Couture Spring 2021
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Couture Spring 2021

Published 30/01/2021. "If you love fashion, couture is the ultimate delight! Creative minds have free rein to play with their imagination going beyond the usual financial constraints. The most exquisite fabrics and craftsmanship is at their disposal to please the most savvy and demanding clients..."

Retail Recovery
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Retail Recovery

Published 22/01/2021. "When planning a sustainable fashion business, it’s imperative to take into account the current state of affairs. Retail has been severely disrupted by the pandemic, with many brands closing stores or going out of business. Fashion Talks: The Fashion Retail Revolution, organised by The London College of Fashion, provided reassurance about going in the right direction..."

Great Expectations
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Great Expectations

Published 14/01/2021. "Long gone are the days when social media was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, reconnecting with friends who moved miles away from us, finding new talent in fashion, following the most renowned creatives in the industry, and having a voyeuristic pleasure of watching the glamorous lifestyle of favourite celebrities, and up and coming influencers..."

Hello 2021! & Stylish women
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Stylish Women

Published 7/1/2021. "Who are the most influential women working in fashion? This is not a secret, as their very name became synonym with fashion itself. They exude power and a strong personality that goes beyond what they wear, even if they have a signature style..."

Hello 2021!

Published 1/1/2021. "It feels really good to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome the new year with a fresh perspective and a meaningful list of resolutions. It’s impossible not to be bewildered with such a fantastic turn of events, that feels bizarrely close to a sci-fi movie..."

Christmas Glamour
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Christmas Glamour

Published 18/12/2020. "Christmas is fast approaching and this year will be different for everyone. My family always gathers around a big dinner table full of delicious food, but this year we are all going to be apart, and use online video calls to get in touch with one another. It’s better to be safe than sorry..."

Bags: Inside Out
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Bags: Inside Out

Published 9/12/2020. "It’s usually said that you’re either a shoe or bag lady, and I definitely love shoes far more than bags. When I was a child, I was told off by my mother because I couldn’t resist trying on her high heels. Nonetheless, it was really exciting to observe some of the most iconic bags of all time at the Victoria & Albert Museum..."

Shopping Diet & Fashion Awards 2020
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Shopping Diet, Alternative Ways of Enjoying Fashion

Published 17/10/2020. "It’s really discouraging to keep reading news about the pandemic, social restrictions and the economic downturn. This post is not a radical viewpoint against consumerism. The main point is to celebrate our power to decide which brands to support and how we want fashion to move forward..."

Fashion Awards 2020

Published 4/12/2020. "Despite being home to numerous movie premieres, London doesn’t really have a MET Gala, so the Fashion Awards represent the red carpet event of the year, attracting more and more celebrities from around the world..."

Smoken Mirrors & The Power of Nude
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Smoke and Mirrors, An appeal for fashion transparency

Published 31/08/2020. "Over the past few months, I have worked very hard on my business plan and did quite a lot of research about the retail sector in the UK. From Mintel to The Business of Fashion, WGSN and The Future Laboratory, all reports emphasise sustainability as a decisive factor for business growth in the future..."

The Power of Nude, If you have it flaunt it!

Published 27/11/2020. "To promote her new album “In the Morning”, Jennifer Lopez published a nude photograph on Instagram, hitting literally millions of likes in record time. The 51-year-old was photographed by renowned fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. She looks absolutely amazing with a super toned body..."

Backlash Against Technology
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Backlash Against Technology, Seeing through digital games of deception

Published 10/08/2020. "This post is not about social media detox, although it’s worth mentioning that it can be an empowering experience. More than ever before, technology is so deeply ingrained in the way we live that it became seemingly inescapable. The main point is to actually know how it works, after all, knowledge is power..."

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