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Intermediate Fashion Design short course project at Central Saint Martins, UAL, 2008

This collection was entitled 'Rebirth' and it was inspired by different elements: pure energy, oriental spirituality, futuristic geometry and games of perception. These designs were based on a model template and not done individually from scratch like my other fashion designs.

'Hybrid Identity' Collection, Autumn/Winter 2000


I have designed this collection in 1999 for my Fashion Design graduation show. It reflects my streetwear style at the time and celebrates technology as a way of getting in touch with other cultures and reinventing ourselves. This is an excerpt of my introduction to this collection:


"Believing our own perception of reality is the most dangerous of all illusions. Our identity is no longer defined by where we live but becomes hybrid with the myriad of different viewpoints we can connect with through cyberspace."

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