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It’s not about a pronounced cleavage. The body looks better covered, simply suggesting its curves. By Lina Vaz


It will always be like that. Our endless search for beauty goes beyond boundaries and is always present everywhere, from street posters to magazine pages, from television to the big screen…


It makes fortunes to fashion related industries, cosmetics, nutritionists, plastic surgery… Women do put a lot of effort to look good. They go to the gym, refuse desert, have a whole bunch of accessories to give that special touch to their appearance, they love wearing high heals and spend fortunes on face creams and makeup…


When they seduce, they elaborate tactics that most men can not even imagine let alone realise… But what makes a woman sexy? Is it he commonly revered body shape of big breasts and long legs? Is it he way she dresses? Is it the way she looks at people? Or her glossy hair? 

According to experts of Social Biology, men tend to give more importance to physical appearance than women. Youth is a key element; men prefer younger women. In reality, this translates a predisposition for women who are more fertile, which enables them to optimise the continuity of the human species.


Looking into the male universe, studies reveal that the ideal woman would have a curvaceous body shape, with toned thighs, big breasts and a small waist. Regarding facial features, the important is symmetry and balance, but big eyes, a small nose and fuller lips increase the power of attraction.

One of the symbols of being sexy that lie in the memory of us all is actually a cartoon – Betty Boop. In this particular case, the most important thing was Betty’s provocative and childish attitude. Movies have always played a big role on our different perceptions about being sexy, especially after the 1930s.


We may think of Greta Garbo, Brigitte Bardot or Marilyn Monroe, who have become timeless icons of sensuality. One of the most celebrated Oscar winning actress today is Nicole Kidman, due to her incredible talent.


Kidman is definitely considered a sexy woman and the way she dresses is not about too much exposure, revealing a careful selection of clothes designed by the greatest designers of our time.


Liv Tyler, currently the face of Givenchy’s perfume is also considered extremely attractive along with Monica Belluci and Angelina Jolie, who apart from being beautiful has also a special charisma that leads her to travel the world for noble causes.


In the music industry we may think of Jennifer Lopez who didn’t resist fashion’s charm and looks amazing in the latest Louis Vuitton advertising campaign. 

This season, the body takes centre stage, fabrics reveal curves, inviting to seduction. We find a different woman in the latest international fashion shows, sexy but in a veiled way that suggests without revealing.


Jean Paul Gaultier, Gucci, Ungaro, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace…  all portray a woman with a particular image, enveloped in mysterious sensuality. Even though this look may evoke austerity, the most relevant elements are definitely elegance and charm.    

Published by Elle Portugal in November 2003. All rights reserved.

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