New Creative Partnership

Networking Opportunities

Lina is always looking for new creative partnerships, either as a paid service or a mutually beneficial skills exchange. If you want to collaborate on fashion videos, styling stories or fashion up-cycling, please fill in the form below or just get in touch. Apart from music producers, only those based in London will be considered, merely for practical reasons. 

Currently developing a sustainable business, the point is to build a supportive network of creative people to work with on upcoming projects, related to product development, brand identity and community engagement. 


In other words, it’s all about putting together a diverse team from multiple backgrounds and career stages, with people who share the same values around sustainability the business stands for. This means safeguarding the brand’s identity: circular economy principles coupled with an elegant and timeless style. 

Video Camera

Fashion Video

  • Music producer

       (electronic music only)

  • Video camera operator



  • Photographer

  • Model

  • Hair stylist

  • Makeup artist

Sewing Studio


  • Clothing manufacturer

  • Secondhand clothes buyer 

Thank you!