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Lina is always looking for new creative partnerships, either as a paid service or a mutually beneficial skills exchange. If you want to collaborate on fashion videos, styling stories or fashion up-cycling, please fill in the form below or just get in touch. Apart from music producers, only those based in London will be considered, merely for practical reasons. 

Video Camera

Fashion Video

  • Music producer

       (electronic music only)

  • Video editor



  • Photographer

  • Sustainable brand

  • Model

  • Hair stylist

  • Makeup artist

Sewing Studio


  • Pattern cutter

  • Clothing maker

Thank you!

Currently developing a sustainable business, the point is to build a supportive network of creative people to work with on upcoming projects, related to product development, brand identity and community engagement. 


In other words, it’s all about putting together a diverse team from multiple backgrounds and career stages, with people who share the same values the business stands for. This means safeguarding the brand’s identity: circular economy principles coupled with an elegant and timeless style. 


“The pandemic will bring values around sustainability into sharp focus, intensifying discussions and further polarising views around materialism, over-consumption and irresponsible business practices.”

in The State of Fashion 2020 - Coronavirus Update published by BoF & McKinsey