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If you love fashion as much as I do, you'll be pleasantly surprised about the upcoming books that are going to be published in 2019. One of the most exciting is definitely Yves Saint Laurent's biography.

He will always be remembered for his amazing talent and incredible legacy, which includes le smoking, his famous 70s trouser suit tailored for women.  

"Fashion's role is not simply to make women more beautiful but also to reassure them, give them confidence and allow them to assert themselves." Yves Saint Laurent

The life and career of Tonne Goodman, the American Vogue fashion director, is also explored in Point of View.

The editor’s recollections of some of the world’s greatest photographers, models, celebrities and designers of our time are illustrated throughout, with behind-the-scenes fashion photos and shots of Goodman’s personal life.

And last, but certainly not least, Paris-based author and editor Patrick Remy has selected over twenty photographers, from emerging talents that hold the prospect of creating enduring fashion images and influencing the cultural and style trends of tomorrow, to established figures exploring new directions in Anti Glossy: Fashion Photography Now.

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent: A Biography

By Laurence Benaïm

This definitive portrait of the creative genius who transformed fashion is the first major English-language biography of Yves Saint Laurent since his death in 2008, featuring exclusive interviews of those who knew him best, by one of the most respected names in French fashion.

Yves Saint Laurent's impact on fashion is legendary, yet he remains an enigmatic and compelling figure. Tracing the development of Saint Laurent's visionary work through his charmed yet tumultuous life, respected fashion writer Laurence Benaïm's newly translated and updated biography of the famed designer explores how this unassuming prodigy became a legendary, celebrated public icon who changed the face of fashion, style, and celebrity.

About The Author

Journalist and fashion writer Laurence Benaïm has written many books including Lancel: Parisian Maison Since 1876, Women in Dior: Portraits of Elegance, Dior: The New Look Revolution, and a biography of Yves Saint Laurent.

She created the style supplement for the newspaper Le Monde and has contributed to Vogue and Marie Claire. She is an editorial adviser for Le Figaro.

Publish Date: March 2019 || Publisher: Rizzoli Ex Libris

Tonne Goodman

Tonne Goodman: Point of View

By Tonne Goodman

Throughout her illustrious career, Tonne Goodman has made the famous stylish and the stylish famous. The Vogue fashion director has not only shaped the way women dress and see themselves, but she has also created a nexus in which the worlds of celebrity and style continually collide. Now, in Point of View, Goodman’s life and career are explored for the first time.

Organised chronologically, this book charts Goodman’s career from her modeling days, to her freelance fashion reportage, to her editorial and advertising work, through to her reign at Vogue.

The editor’s recollections of some of the world’s greatest photographers, models, celebrities, and designers of our time are illustrated throughout, with behind-the-scenes fashion photos and shots of Goodman’s personal life.

About the Author

Tonne Goodman has been the fashion director of Vogue since 1999. Her storied career took her from The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (where she was a special assistant to Diane Vreeland), to the New York Times MagazineLife, Calvin Klein, and Harper’s Bazaar, where she was the fashion director.

Publish Date: April 2019 || Publisher: Abrams Books

AntiGlossy Fashion Photography Now

Anti Glossy: Fashion Photography Now

By Patrick Remy

Capturing contemporary trends and forecasting the look of the future, this dazzling anthology collects the work of the most cutting-edge photographers working today, this volume is an essential compilation of the most important photographic trends of the age of social media and digital publication.

The interaction between photography and fashion has always been compelling--how can artists balance commercial viability against their own creative vision?

Anti-Glossy collects some of the most innovative photographers working in the field of fashion, exploring the way new media is influencing the direction of photography for print.

About The Author

Patrick Remy is an author and art director based in Paris. He recently edited Louis Vuitton's Fashion Eye series.

Publish Date: February 2019 || Publisher: Rizzoli

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