Add sustainable fashion to your wardrobe

What is fascinating about luxury is the thoughtful care that goes into it, savvy customers demand nothing but the very best, and this drives both quality and innovation.

Nowadays, it's impossible to remain oblivious to the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment and the lives of manufacturers, more and more sustainability and corporate responsibility influence decisions and rightfully so.

If you feel lost about which brands to trust, Positive Luxury brings together different brands, not only from the fashion industry but also other sectors.

After a thorough scrutiny into each luxury brand's business, the Butterfly Mark is only awarded to those committed to sustainability. The assessment is updated annually and is based on five criteria: governance, social framework, environmental framework, philanthropy, and innovation.  

The gallery below features my selection for a busy day in the office kind of look, but one that ends up with drinks at a glamorous event or stylish restaurant, such as Hakkasan in London. You can purchase everything on the Positive Luxury website, and rest assured these are brands you can trust.

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