Art Voyage in Tuscany

Life in a big city can be exciting yet incredibly draining, if you start feeling overwhelmed by the speed and demands of modern day living, it may be a good time to take some time off and get away to restore your energy.

Being surrounded by nature is always healing but you can also engage in creative activities and pamper yourself a little bit. There's actually research about how creativity can boost your mood.  

If you have disposable income, you can do so in style with Art Voyage. Set on a 16th century castle in Tuscany, Italy, you can truly indulge in 'La Dolce Vita' from 18th to 25th May, having your meals cooked by a private chef and doing a bit of wine tasting.

Nonetheless, the aim of Art Voyage is to learn more about fashion illustration and photography. Alena Lavdovskayais a professional Russian fashion illustrator who has worked with renowned luxury brands such as Dior, and Chanel.

When studying fashion design many moons ago, I was surprised to find out each person has a distinct way of drawing, like our handwriting. It is relaxing to create something on a white piece of paper. You can find further information about it here.

Master class in Portugal Fashion Art Camp, October 2018

Art Voyage details:

  • 7 nights in Castello di Magona ville in Italy

  • Italian cuisine by private chef (3 meals a day)

  • Lectures and a master class on fashion illustration by Alena Lavdovskaya with the participation of professional models

  • Individual consultation on portfolio (photo, illustration and personal branding)

  • Master class at a winery with wine tasting

  • Master class and lecture on photography by Lia Mstislavskaya

  • Beauty day - make-up master class

  • 6 yoga classes

  • massage session

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