Brand Mood Board

Sustainable Business Core Values

There's nothing quite like a mood board to bring ideas to life. Even though it usually illustrates upcoming trends or sources of inspiration for future collections, in this instance, is simply a way of showcasing the core values behind my business idea.

Love for nature is an underlying value, the whole point is to reduce production and waste, by circulating pre-loved clothing, past collections and promoting sustainable brands and designers.

Fashion takes centre stage, design is king, and pieces are selected accordingly. The retail space should feel like home, stylish and spacious, with welcoming and friendly staff, who are not pressured to achieve sales targets, but to provide a luxury shopping experience.

With everything that is on offer, it could end up looking like a chaotic bazaar, but a singular timeless style will unify all merchandise into a recognisable and coherent brand.

It's a new retail concept generally presented on the 'Sustainable Business' page, which aims to generate interest about an initial crowdfunding initiative to cover a brief trial period.

It's very likely that the name will be changed, Swap & Buy is just too literal, but good enough to communicate the concept of having a unique retail space where people can swap or buy fashion forward womenswear.

Secondhand sits alongside new clothing from past collections. The only current season offered would be by sustainable brands and designers, and there's a strong focus on up-cycling.

Swapping would be subjected to scrutiny and only a timeless style and good quality fabrics would be accepted. Needless to say, everything would be dry-cleaned before being displayed. This was already the plan before our current pandemic and now it's just imperative.

If you want to get involved or simply learn more about it just get in touch.

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