Celebrating World Oceans Day

Today is a special day, when people around the world raise awareness about the appalling situation of our oceans and encourage each other to actively engage in activities to protect them.

This year, the World Ocean Day is focused on how ocean science can lead to more responsible gastronomy and sustainable consumption.

According to Unesco, "chefs have a vital role in preserving ocean resources through their influence on the diet of mainstream audiences, as well as restaurateurs around the world.

From this perspective, World Oceans Day aims to highlight the link between science, sustainable consumption, the influence of Chefs on consumer habits, new generations of cooks and sustainable marine products, as well as the presence women Chefs committed to the cause."

The first woman chef that I can think of is Jasmine Hemsley, I don't know her personally but am familiar with her Ayurvedic recipes and positive messages on social media, from wellness to sustainable fashion.

When studying at The London College of Fashion, I was fortunate enough to be there for a guest lecture by Martin Raymond from The Future Laboratory about trend forecasting.

It's all about observing what's happening in different creative areas, new developments and watching people who stand out from the crowd.

Intuitive individuals are able to pick up change ahead of others and tend to lead the way and eventually things become mainstream. If we look at influencers from a wider point of view, those who have the power to move others, they can actually be a force for good.

When you read that thousands of people queued overnight in different cities across the UK to get a pair of sneakers designed by Kanye West, imagine what could be done if he would lead an initiative to protect the oceans!

But you don't need to be a celebrity to influence others, Greta Thunberg was just a simple school kid and is now nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize due to her passion to fight climate change.

Giant multinational corporations and governments have the power and the responsibility to protect the environment and the oceans on a wider scale, but each of us can also do something about it.

Let's be vocal about our concern for the oceans and introduce new habits not only in our diet but shopping and lifestyle in general. Waitrose has just launched a package-free trial, let's hope other supermarket chains will follow this worthwhile initiative.

As an individual what can I do? You can join organised movements to protect the ocean such as Parley, follow individuals on social media who are actively engaged in the #noplastic campaign.

BLOND:ISH organises beach-cleans and leads a Bye Bye Plastic initiative in her shows. You can also be conscientious in your lifestyle!

Always carry a fabric bag for grocery shopping, buy activewear made from upcycled plastic, and boycott plastic or paper cups altogether with a simple water bottle and renewable cup.

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