City Ride

Travelling around safely and eco-friendly

The summer is gone and we’re now embracing the arrival of Autumn, when nature starts to undress but not before mesmerising us with its colourful leaves. Even though temperatures will continue to drop, if you don’t need to travel too far, one of the best ways to move around is definitely by bike.

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The threat of Coronavirus is still prevalent so it’s better to avoid public transportation, if possible. Bikes are not only safe but also eco-friendly, and many people turned to them during the pandemic, prompting a rise in sales.

Over the years, bikes have become increasingly lighter and faster, and metamorphosed into specific types, from mountain to hybrid and electric.

There many options to choose from, but if you want to ride a super bike that’s just as quick going down hills as it is at going up them, I recommend Trek Emonda SLR9 Disc.

Designed in conjunction with Alberto Contador, a Spanish former professional cyclist, it has women’s specific builds available and weights only 6.42 kg.

If you’re into the latest innovation, Supertrata, a new Silicone Valley-based bicycle brand, has unveiled a 3D printed, made to measure bike that can be tailored to a rider’s height, weight, arm and leg lengths.

Their new Oxford edition has been on display at Selfridges since July and there’s only 2 left on the retailer’s website.

“This bike was designed to leverage all the benefits of this new manufacturing technology to get the best of both worlds: strength and lightness.” Bill Stephens, Supertrata designer

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For a classic women’s bike with a basket to put your bag or go out shopping, Pinnacle's Californium 1 2020 hybrid bike could be the perfect choice, and you would be supporting a UK brand. It has a relaxed riding position that can take you around town with ease.

To cycle during Autumn, the trick is to wear layers, and undress as you start warming up. Don’t forget to carry either a trench coat or a raincoat with you, to keep yourself nice and dry.

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