Couture Spring 2022

When celebrities, influencers, magazine editors and stylists gather around fashion shows, something is bound to become popular on social media. This time, it was Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, who rode a horse during Chanel’s couture show.

It’s impossible not to think of Bianca Jagger and her legendary horse riding into the New York nightclub Studio 54 in 1977. It was a birthday surprise prepared for her by the owner, Steve Rubell. The horse was white and she was wearing a red, off-the-shoulder Halston dress.

It became an iconic image, capturing the extravagance and hedonistic lifestyle of the 70s. It couldn’t be any further away from the restrained and conventional look Chanel deliberately produced to catch everyone’s attention.

It did succeed in doing so, and the collection was elegant and demurred. They know who their customers are and can play safe, as their sales records are consistently high. Kim Jones collection for Fendi was also much shared and talked about, with refined dresses that will undoubtedly end up on the red carpet.

The hi-tech quality of the show’s surroundings was in stark contrast with the Roman prints, making the collection stand out even more, and providing an heightened experience to those present. Both Christian Dior and Valentino played on their strengths, much like other luxury brands.

There was a slight 20s vibe going on with fringes and feathers, but the overall sense was a lack of something really extraordinary. Couture is much more about brand identity, so that we associate the world of luxury to a brand when buying perfume or makeup.

Very few women in the world actually wear couture, and many don’t even pay for it. They simply borrow it for red carpet appearances that function as live billboards, shared around the world through media and social media feeds.

Nonetheless, couture is the pinnacle of fashion, an enchanting and captivating world, where craftsmanship and the quality of fabrics is mandatory. But it goes beyond the high level of execution, the creative freedom is unique. And this is what makes it so interesting!