Essential Journalistic Skills

Do you want to learn more about broadcast media with a focus on fashion journalism? I've prepared a teaching session for a job interview, and decided to use it for a live streaming with a small group of fashion journalism students and those wanting to study this particular area.

The recruitment process for editorial roles can be quite demanding: from proofreading copy to writing 400 words in an hour, coming up with content ideas and producing presentations… It does take time to source and edit all the information so it would be a shame to waste all the work.

This interactive live streaming session features a few established fashion journalists, but others could also be added such as Tim Blanks or Sarah Mower. Special thanks to all the participants for their contribution! I hope it's helpful to those who are interested in fashion journalism.

Take your time to consider if this is the right career choice for you, boundaries between content and commerce are often blurred, and you may have a much more financially secure and comfortable life working in advertising or brand communications.