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More and more podcasts are being produced and listened to on a daily basis, whether you prefer the dinner party style with several speakers or a one-to-one discussion, they're undoubtedly a great way to learn more about a given topic.

The most prestigious universities in the world have embraced this popular way of communicating, renowned media also jumped at the opportunity to reach wider audiences, and let's not forget the significant independent authors who give voice to whatever is close to their heart.

Fashion is no exception and if you want to learn from those who are recognised for their work in the industry, the following three recently published podcasts are highly informative.

Obviously, we have to forge our own career path, and what worked for some people may not be applicable to our circumstances, but it's always inspiring to hear about other people's decisions and experiences.

The Economist asks: Anna Wintour

The editor-in-chief of American Vogue for more than 30 years discusses sustainability, catwalk stereotypes, social media and politics with Anne McElvoy. Wintour is as gracious as a diplomat (honestly, who would want to see Melania Trump appear on Vogue's cover?!) and her resilience is impressive.

Feeling guilty can be a trap where people fall without even realising it, but her approach is totally hands-on, let's just focus on finding solutions instead, which is quite refreshing! Let's face it, a judgmental attitude is never helpful, it's just an impulsive defensive mechanism that stops us from seeing things clearly.

The BoF Podcast: Veja Co-Founder Sébastien Kopp Talks Sustainable Business

Sustainability is gaining momentum but apart from Stella McCartney, who made it the core of her brand identity, most fashion companies have a small budget dedicated to social responsibility projects and only now are starting to consider different options, when more and more consumers actually care about it.

This podcasts features the fascinating journey of Sébastien Kopp, Veja Co-founder. Speaking with Imran Amed, Kopp explains how the motivation to start a business was rooted in sustainability from the start, and his uncompromising attitude towards it has facilitated a steady and remarkable growth.

Glam Observer Podcast: How to Become a Fashion Stylist with Danielle Griffiths

Giada Graziano is one of those independent entrepreneurs mentioned above, and her aim is to support young talent to break through the fashion industry.

With this in mind, she speaks with Danielle Griffiths, a Stylist Director, author of the "Fashion Stylist's Handbook" and fashion lecturer at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design in London.

It's really interesting to learn more about what happens behind the scenes and Griffiths shares valuable insights and tips on how to navigate through a successful styling career.

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