Fashion Trends Autumn 2021

The pandemic has sparked multiple responses from brands and designers regarding catwalk shows. Some continued to present their collections this way, while others used other formats or refrained from presenting altogether, like Gucci and Marc Jacobs.

Monochrome Print

It does make sense for each one to find whatever solution is more relevant for their business, but I have to insist on the relevance of providing ‘catwalk style’ photos of the collection for trends galleries.

It just looks odd to have photos from different angles or quite dark. The whole point is to showcase the collection and make it as attractive as possible for potential buyers and customers.

Wild Bloom

I have curated a selection of my favourite pieces and organised them into patterns, that started emerging before my eyes. A strong trend is definitely the monochrome print, reminiscent of 1960s' op art. It was prevalent across a wide range of collections for next Autumn.

Another one is the earthy check tweed, it is definitely a fabric with a reassuring quality to it, warm and classic, with a strong traditional character that evokes a connection with nature.

Check Tweed

This is in stark contrast with a micro-trend, not included here but worth looking into, of a distinct rave party style featured mainly in Balmain and Dolce & Gabbana shows.

Here in the United Kingdom, there was a resurgence of interest in rave parties, held illegally in rented homes during lockdown. They do have a history of being outdoors, so they could potentially come back as they certainly pose less risks than basement clubs.

Dancing Queen

There’s a sense of hedonism lurking in, while watching Victoria Prew, co-founder of Hurr, on a recent webinar, she said people are renting beautiful clothes, not for a special occasion, but for everyday activities like walking the dog or having a drink with others via zoom.

This clearly shows women miss the fun of dressing up, and the party dress did sprinkle the collections for next season, with different interpretations coming forward, from 1920s inspired glamour to more playful versions, such as the one presented by Moschino.

Animal Print

Flowers are now spreading across seasons, with many designers relishing wild blooms. One of the most impressive work is by Daniel Del Core, who presented one of the most talked about shows in Milan.

After working for Gucci, he has just launched his eponymous label and his debut collection was received with enthusiasm by the most renowned fashion editors in the industry.

It’s very likely that we will see one of his elegant dresses gracing the red carpet, as soon as it’s safe to produce large scale events again.

Trendy Colours

The connection with nature was also reflected by the profusion of animal print, with some designers experimenting different colours, adding a playful element to it.

We have to wait for next season to see what people really take on board, but it’s always interesting to look into different creative mindsets and viewpoints.