Fashion Trends Autumn 2022

It’s always exciting to look at new fashion shows! The latest ones for Autumn 2022 were marked by the sad state of affairs in Ukraine, due to the war that is still going on right now. It was only natural to assume humanity was in a different place, after the lessons from the World Wars over the last century.

Extravagant Boots

This tragic situation brings to light Europe’s dependency on fossil fuels for its energy supplies, and this could be a much needed wake up call for investing much more in alternative and environmentally friendly sources of energy.

I remember watching Grand Designs many years ago, and some homes were already built as energy efficient from the start. Why not make this mandatory for new homes and buildings across Europe and beyond? This could have a positive impact on a massive scale!

Latex Dress

All vehicles could also become environmentally friendly. It could make such a difference to the quality of the air we breathe! This war only underlined Europe’s dependency on fossil fuels, which is no longer sustainable and it can actually threaten peace and stability in the region.

On a positive note, shows were also a celebration of life, influencers and fashion journalists were all traveling to the main fashion cities again, and sharing their experience on social media, much to the delight of their followers.

Knitting Comfort

Each season there’s something that goes viral, this time it was Rihanna, and how she managed to look like the coolest mama on the planet with her funky maternity wear. Everyone got really excited when she turned up at some shows wearing irreverent choices while being heavily pregnant.

As for trends, one of the things that was seen across the shows were really extravagant boots, tight high, and not just black, but in different colours like orange, mint green and golden. I just chose a few but they were really prominent.

Furry Friend

Another big trend for autumn 2022 is crochet look alike pieces. I called it ‘knitting comfort’ because there is an element of warmth and reassurance in knitting. One can see it quite profusely at Chanel, but also Brandon Maxwell and Chloé.

It’s quite interesting to realise that in times of uncertainty people tend to go back to something that feels familiar. This is in stark contrast with another trend for next season, the latex dress that was reinvented, going beyond the usual black dominatrix style, to include other colours and shapes.

Soft Pink

From soft pink to white, the new latex dress is playful. Dolce & Gabbana added volume to the sleeves, while Gucci introduced a sporty style. A more feminine approach is also noticeable on the soft shade of pink that emerged from the catwalk, from Burberry to Stella McCartney.

This colour is traditionally associated with love, which is definitely much needed in the world right now. Autumn shows always bring out coats to protect us from the cold weather, and next season is all about making a statement.

Statement Coat

If you walk down the street on a winter’s day chances are you’ll see a lot of black coats. This trend is about choosing a coat that really makes you stand out from the crowd. I really love the one by Alaïa, with red and black stripes, the revamped animal print by Roberto Cavalli and the slick coat by Victoria Beckham.

Fake fur is going to be quite big too, but it’s also a bit more daring, with unusual patterns and bright colours. In terms of colours, fuchsia pink is definitely trendy and Valentino was particularly focused on this one, but it was also presented by other designers such as Jason Wu.

Other Trendy Colours

Cobalt blue was also sprinkled across different shows like Alberta Ferretti and Ellie Saab, and lime green is also a good colour to add to your wardrobe. I particularly love the butterfly look by Delcore, who didn't fail to impress yet again with his amazing new collection.

Let’s hope these colours signal good times ahead. After tough periods, people tend to become quite hedonistic and celebrate life with a sense of renewed enthusiasm. My heartfelt aspiration is that peace prevails, not only in Europe but around the world.