Fashion Trends Spring 2022

Slowly but surely the fashion world seems to be going back to the pre-pandemic way of operating. There was an incident at the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week, where a member of extinction rebellion stormed the catwalk with a slogan alerting against the danger of overconsumption.

Studio 54

As Greta Thunberg mentioned when interviewed for Vogue Scandinavia, “You cannot mass produce fashion or consume ‘sustainably’ as the world is shaped today. That is one of the many reasons why we will need a system change.”

Ocean Love

I do love fashion and the way it reflects what is going on in the world, that’s why I’m still writing about trends. But maybe the industry as a whole should be going beyond greenwashing and really invest in alternative ways of doing business.

Classic Piano

For instance, brands could definitely upcycle their own unsold merchandise instead of producing new collections from the start, or the fashion show could be functioning as a live catalogue for consumers to pre-order whatever they wanted, so that no excess merchandise would ever be produced.

Party People

One cannot be naive about the influence of brands on media and influencers, there’s no such thing as an independent review. But each of us needs to take some time to consider our own role, even if only as consumers, and buy less and better quality.

“The last time I bought something new was three years ago and it was second-hand. I just borrow things from people I know.” Greta Thunberg

I am a firm believer of the power of swapping and upcycling, so much so that have built a whole business concept around it. To take it through to the next stage is proving more difficult than expected, but I don’t give up that easily.

Purple Rain

Looking at the fashion shows for Spring Summer 2022, I could spot a few trends but this is by no means an exhaustive list, and definitely subjective to my own taste. There was quite a lot of black, which still signals some tough times ahead, but the overall mood was cheerful and hedonistic.

Nature Hues

Let’s face it, the pandemic only exacerbated our need to be with one another! In any case, we do need to grow up from the overconsumption stage into a circularity movement on a global scale, to protect ourselves and the planet.