Gucci Fest

How to present a fashion collection in style!

To be honest, my favourite Gucci designer remains Tom Ford, who has pushed boundaries with Carine Roitfeld, to transform the brand to such an extent, that it became synonym with sex appeal and sophistication. Nonetheless, it’s impossible not to applaud Alessandro Michele’s creative vision.

Gucci Fest

He has collaborated with Oscar-nominated director Gus van Sant on a digital mini-series entitled Overture for Something that Never Ends. An apt and refreshing title, considering Hollywood's obsession with happy endings.

A total of seven episodes premiered online this past week, featuring the work of 15 independent young designers, and several re-edition pieces from Michele’s first women’s collection for the brand (Autumn Winter 2015).

These films capture the essence of Michele’s creative direction for Gucci, as an open invitation to enter into his world: poetic, inclusive and genuine.

One of the episodes is about a visit to a vintage shop which couldn’t be any more appropriate. His style does seem to be inspired by something precious found inside an old attic.

Gucci Fest

It’s quite enjoyable to watch the quirky characters of this Gucci Fest, wearing dazzling fabrics and highly distinct pieces inside matching vintage interiors. There’s an otherworldly quality to it all, but it doesn’t end here.

This mini-series is a success in terms of strategic partnerships with handpicked talented people who align with the brand’s ethos, from Florence Welch and Harry Styles to German choreographer Sasha Waltz and singer-songwriter Arlo Parks from London, to name but a few.

Besides the affinity with Gucci, they all have something relevant to say to the world, and a strong social media presence.

It was somehow disappointing to watch the first digital shows at the beginning of July, as you might have read on my blog post Digital Couture Week.

But on this occasion, Gucci Fest did deliver a thoughtful fashion presentation with creative storytelling, marked by a strategic collaborative approach, while staying true to Michele’s unique vision.

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