Red Carpet Couture Gowns

The most influential people in fashion today have been in Paris this week for the haute couture shows. Thanks to social media, all of us could follow what was going on though live streaming videos and photos, from the most starstruck first rows to Valentino Garavani's emotional greeting from his former team, which moved Gwyneth Paltrow to tears.

The most beautiful haute couture gowns can easily end up on the red carpet. Last time I wrote about this, one of my selected dresses from the catwalk was elegantly taken to the last Met Gala by the gracious Julianne Moore.

I had definitely the red carpet in mind when choosing the images below that are displayed in a way to soothe the eye but in no particular order, as they're all quite impressive!

Sweden has just cancelled Stockholm Fashion Week due to environmental concerns, so it's exciting to see what alternatives they will come up with.

This is an unseen disruption with the way the fashion industry has been operating for many years now, although the late Azzedine Alaïa dropped fashion shows altogether and continued to be successful throughout his career.

Private clients would abide by his working schedule and not the other way around, but obviously he was one of a kind and any of his creations exudes impeccable precision and mastery.

I'm aware the amount of collections produced in a year is absolutely ridiculous and unsustainable but could we really stop fashion shows altogether? Even Victoria's Secret cancelled the brand's spectacular show, undoubtedly the most popular in the world.

What will they do instead? In any case, fashion seems to be at a juncture of having to reinvent itself. It's about time!

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