Hello Spring! The Ultimate Tech Backlash

Yes, it's that time of the year when the length of daytime rapidly increases and nature dresses up in great splendour. We will find ourselves arrested by flowers' beauty at any given moment and tend to capture it and share it with others.

For grand couturiers of the past, such as Coco Chanel and Christian Dior, flowers provided a never ending source of artistic inspiration. They continue to stimulate many people in the fashion world, not only designers but also illustrators and stylists as you can see on the gallery below.

More and more we long for this union with nature and the simple joyfulness it awakens in us. Is it because we're so glued to our screens? It's not just work, we tend to let screens steal our attention away from who we're with or even crawl into bed with us.

I remember reading an interesting article by Archer Adams about how Shoreditch House became much more similar to WeWork (which is great for its purpose) than a members club where people actually engage with one another.

There's also an interesting podcast by The Future Laboratory with Douglas Rushkoff who mentions some of his students suffer from social anxiety due to their earlier and continuous involvement with their screens.

Much has already been written about this, so I won't go any further into it. Technology is an intricate part of our lives and will undoubtedly continue to be far into the future, so it's up to us to set up our own boundaries.

Some powerful social media influencers such as Derek Blasberg have explicitly taken time off, so hopefully others will follow them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm fascinated by technology's sense of connectedness, endless learning opportunities and power to foster creative entrepreneurs, but switching off from time to time is crucial for our wellbeing.

Let's enjoy spring in all its glory: listen to birds, watch bees gathering nectar from flowers, feel the warmth of sunshine... Maybe that will help us engaging fully with those who come in direct contact with us and lift our eyes off our screen for a little while.

"I'm excited (terrified) to report I'm completely unplugging from all forms of digital communication (even DM’s!) for the next week. It'll be a fascinating experiment (pure torture) where I reconnect with the real world (go insane/spontaneously combust)." Derek Blasberg

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