In Their Eyes

Watch my latest video about the first solo exhibition of London-based artist Zabou at Saatchi Gallery. I've managed to speak with her about the impressive large-scale realistic murals she paints worldwide. She wishes to remain anonymous, and refused to remove her face mask to protect her identity, but her work speaks for itself.

In Their Eyes showcases new original works as well as featuring a newly commissioned animated mural work, images of murals executed in recent years and preparatory photographs from the artist's private collection.

"This show has been a long-time coming, because it was postponed multiple times during the pandemic." Zabou

Works from the exhibition are for sale and you can also purchase them online. In Their Eyes is open to the public at Saatchi Gallery in London until 27 March 2022. You can follow the artist on Instagram: @zabouartist

Special thanks to Mel Bell for the original soundtrack! Vega is from her new EP - "Elysion", which will be released on 14 March 2022. You can also follow her account: