Joyful Mood Board

It’s been quite a while since my last mood board! I tend to build it up from posts shared on Instagram by some of my favourite accounts. This time it’s not so much about a particular colour, but a whole palette that is evocative of joyful occasions that tend to occur during summertime.

Al fresco dining is just one of them, and here in London Dior has just opened a pop up restaurant at Selfridges’ roof terrace. The concept is not new to retail and experts predict this is a trend that will grow more and more into the future, so it does make sense to extend it to hospitality.

Cities tend to transform quite rapidly with places opening up and closing down all the time. We’re living with such volatile circumstances, that it may not even be feasible to secure a permanent location anyway.

Places with a strong heritage will always be cherished, an afternoon tea in London would never be the same without Claridge’s hotel, but nowadays everything feels more and more transient. It’s not just shops or restaurants but our whole lifestyle, from travel to careers.

The best way of dealing with constant shifting scenarios is to simply go with the flow and be flexible to adapt to inevitable changes. Maybe this has always been the case, but it has definitely been heightened by the global pandemic.

We’re in desperate need of a bit of fresh air and to lighten up after such a long period of setbacks. That’s the thing about falling down, at some point one just needs to pull oneself together and get up.