Keep Calm and Carry On

Updated: Mar 26

We are living unprecedented times, pandemics are certainly nothing new, but most of the world is forcibly pausing, social gathering places shut their doors and the most vibrant cities such as London become ghost-like. I have never seen Piccadilly Circus empty!

There are different ways of facing the situation, the glass can always be half-full or half-empty. If you cultivate a positive attitude you can actually make the most of being home bound. Is there anything you always wanted to do but never had the time? This is your window of opportunity.

There aren't enough filters on YouTube so it can be challenging to find relevant videos amongst all the popular nonsense, but it's definitely possible to find some inspirational ones. Find out if any of my top 10 ideas of things to do at home resonate with you and give it a go.

1. Redesign your home:

Design Notes: Matilda Goad | House & Garden

2. Start drawing:

Megan Hess | fashion artist for top luxury brands

3. Organise your wardrobe:

To keep or to toss? | 5 tips to declutter your wardrobe

4. Start doing Yoga and Meditation:

Yoga and Meditation with Eddie Stern

5. Improve your Sleep:

How To Improve Your Sleep | Matthew Walker

6. Start writing a blog:

Here's How WeWoreWhat Disrupted The Fashion Industry With A Blog

7. Keep your body moving:

25 Minute Full Body Workout

8. Start painting:

Paint With Me in My New Apartment | Jim Reno

9. Start writing a book:

Tom Bradby's writing space | Where I Write

10. Start home cooking:

Ayurvedic Kitchari Recipe with Jasmine Hemsley

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