Let's Be Grateful

When things get tough the biggest risk is to become short-sighted and focus on a particular angle instead of viewing the situation from multiple perspectives. Instead of going down the doom and gloom route, we can find out what makes us feel grateful. This is a simple and popular trick.

Yes, I’m sure we are all grateful for those who are actually risking their life to serve others right now: doctors, nurses, NHS volunteers, supermarket and pharmacy staff, care workers… They are undoubtedly our modern day heroes, their super power is simply to be kind and that’s worth emulating.

Nonetheless, when we’re considering what to be thankful for, it’s important to make it as personal as possible. This gallery features my personal top 10 things that I'm particularly grateful for. 

Furthermore, we can ask ourselves if we were to die soon, what would make us smile looking back at out life? And what would be too painful to even remember?

We can use this lockdown to pause and imagine we’re being given a second chance. The worst would be to go back to “normal”… Instead we can choose to live differently, in a way that acknowledges not only ourselves, but also those around us and our planet, making a fresh start each day.

If capitalism seems to be the prevalent language of the world, let’s speak with our shopping baskets and ensure we financially support only brands and companies with strong values, appreciating all staff along their supply chain and caring for the environment. We do have a choice.

Let’s not go back to our old ways! Nothings stands still and neither should we.

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