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Many people share their life on Instagram, some get more personal than others, showing off their loved ones or marking important moments such as having a baby.

Obviously there is some serious branding going on, from a new movie to a fashion partnership, work and pleasure are blending in like never before, in fact sharing your lifestyle can have a positive impact on your career.

Above all, we have to be ourselves, but it's good to bear in mind Instagram is a pink version of reality or it could also be a very dark one (considering the news of how social media is failing to remove harmful content and negatively affecting teenagers).

It's up to each of us how much we want to put ourselves out there, but whatever we do, it's important to be conscientious about the effect it might have on other people.

Who we choose to follow is also very important as we are giving them more visibility and therefore the ability to be more influential.

This is a selection of only some of the accounts I follow for different reasons, either I really love their work or connect with their positive outlook on life. Just click on an image to be directed to their profile.

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