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The last few years have been full of twists and turns: the pandemic, the acceleration of climate change, the war in Ukraine, the rising cost of living, not to mention the collapse of my life’s circumstances and profound sense of grief that followed…

Fashion Questions... Episode 5 with celebrity stylist Zadrian Smith

Fashion Questions... Episode 5 with celebrity stylist Zadrian Smith

Nonetheless, not all unexpected events are negative, some can actually be surprising or even joyful. After a long and hard struggle to find a job in accord with my qualifications and experience, I finally managed to succeed in March 2022.

I started working for Hyve Group plc as a content editor covering UK retail, having created a demanding digital content plan for a business to business audience across different trade shows.

It’s great to challenge my own inhibitions and interview people on camera. It was far easier to produce videos on my laptop during lockdown. In any case, it’s a great opportunity to meet business leaders and entrepreneurs within the retail industry, and to work with a supportive studio manager.

My first video was with Jonathan de Mello, founder and CEO of JDM Retail, but so far I have talked to many interesting people including Genia Mineeva, the woman behind Been London, a sustainable brand that uses recycled waste to produce stylish accessories.

With Genia Minerva, founder of Been London

Recording a video interview with Genia Mineeva, founder of Been London

I don’t know if it’s because I worked in radio for sometime, but my favourite digital content piece has to be the Fashion Questions… podcast.

The idea for the name came from the video series I've produced for this website, which focused on answering the most commonly asked questions about fashion on Google. The podcast is far more comprehensive. It’s all about asking relevant questions to fashion and retail industry insiders.

So far, there are six episodes covering different topics: from Vegan fashion with founder of Immaculate Vegan, Annick Ireland, to diversity and inclusion with celebrity stylist Zadrian Smith.

Episode 7 will be about the metaverse, which is quite fascinating! The Fashion Questions… podcast is published on Thursday afternoon and it’s also available on Apple podcasts and Spotify.

If you enjoy listening to fashion podcasts, I also recommend The Green Dream by Dana Thomas, Creative Conversations with Suzy Menkes, and Chanel Connects.

Now that most people are back in the office at least a couple of times per week, it’s good to make the most of our commute time and learn from others.