Met Gala 2019 Review

After the circus style of the latest Met Gala, it's no longer just camp that is open to interpretation but fashion itself. What is fashion?

Growing up reading French fashion magazines and watching the supermodels of the 90s descending the renowned Spanish steps in Rome, while wearing ravishing Valentino gowns, it's almost incomprehensible of how fashion became so close to a freak show.

Like "The Emperor's New Clothes" by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, most people seem oblivious to it, what matters most is media attention and ultimately profitability.

BBC's Steven McIntosh has a humorous approach to the most popular looks of the evening, after all the whole thing was just a bit ridiculous. Camp is flamboyant and outrageous but how to communicate that through fashion is not so easy to pull off.

I see fashion as a meeting between fantasy and reality, a form of expression about multiple aspects of our personality, dreams and aspirations adapted to our lifestyle.

Depending on the circumstances, fantasy can completely take over and this is definitely the case on the red carpet, particularly when the theme is camp. It's basically an open invitation to anything goes, without wanting to dwell on it too much, let's just say some celebrities trust their stylists far too much.

Nonetheless, there were also some refreshing moments of gorgeousness, even if in recurring ways. Metallic fabrics were definitely a trend, so much so that some celebrities ended up almost looking alike, the same goes for feathers and statement headpieces.

Gisele Bündchen used the media frenesi to promote fashion sustainability, proving that beauty and brains can actually coexist, and I particularly love Hailee Steinfeld ironic statement on a Viktor & Rolf dress.

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