Mondino's Exhibition in Paris

If you love fashion photography, you're certainly familiar with the work of Jean-Baptiste Mondino and this exhibition features his most outstanding photographs for one of my favourite fashion magazines - French Numéro - a collaboration that spans for 20 years.

Studio des Acacias is an inviting gallery that could easily be found in London or New York, but on this occasion it's all about celebrating a French photographer with a truly international body of work.

Mondino is also renowned as a music video director but what I love most is definitely his unique 'eye' as a fashion photographer.

Some of his work is stored in my memory, there's always a vibrant energy that stops us from turning the page, we need to look further into it, an intriguing quality that very few photographers are able to achieve.

These are close-ups of some of my favourite photographs on this exhibition, simply taken with my phone, so apologies in advance for potential inaccuracies.

In any case, I would highly recommend you pop in for a visit if you're in Paris until the 20th of July. Take time to immerse yourself in Mondino's world, always irreverent and edgy despite turning 70 in less than two weeks.

It would have been great to listen to a podcast with Mondino, dinner party kind of style, he must have the most amazing stories to tell!

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