My trip to Paris

It's easy to understand why so many people fall in love with the charming "city of light", even a tube sign can be beautiful! It doesn't have the edgy energy of London, but the same weight in terms of history and no other place on earth has such a unique sense of 'chic'.

It has an unmatched fashion heritage, it feels great to be walking down Rue Cambon, where Coco Chabel opened a hat shop in 1910, and bought an entire building a few doors down to house her atelier and apartment.

The main purpose of my trip to Paris was actually job-hunting so I did knock on a few doors and was welcome to some amazing head offices. For me it was not enough to stay at home and send CVs online, I really wanted to check if the right person had received it and meet people face to face.

This strategy backfired in most occasions, but it was worth the effort as it gave me valuable insights about recruitment today. Even for creative positions it's imperative to be familiar with SEO techniques and apply them to your advantage, otherwise you risk becoming invisible.

It is indeed a job in itself and it can be emotionally challenging, so I did indulge on occasions. It was impossible to resist the delicious and typically French macarons at Ladurée, and particularly loved the interiors of Buddha Bar and Hotel Costes.

Did I mention La Tour Eiffel? I couldn't helped but being mesmerised by it, especially in the evening when it shines so brightly. If you have some time off in Paris don't miss the opportunity of visiting Yves Saint Laurent's museum!

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