Organise your Wardrobe

How to create your own boudoir

If one looks for something positive coming out of this dreadful pandemic, what immediately comes to mind is the ability to reach out to others in alternative ways. Webinars became a popular medium to develop and interact with online communities, much to the delight of those of us who love learning.

It has been really interesting to attend so many valuable webinars, the most recent from INSEAD about startups and business investment led by Doctor Henning Piezunka. A summer’s highlight was definitely Anna Wintour’s conversation with John Galliano.

I also loved Amber Valetta’s interview by fashion journalist Tim Blanks and have attended insightful presentations about social media and digital marketing by Google Digital Garage and the General Assembly.

Despite being out of my comfort zone in front of a camera, I’ve decided to venture into the world of live sessions, and launched my first webinar this week about how to organise your wardrobe. There were some technical difficulties that fortunately were corrected with a bit of video editing.

The main point was to share information about the most essential items, and how to make your wardrobe look truly welcoming. Spring cleaning can actually be an enjoyable experience, and particularly insightful about who you are and your personal style. Watch it now!