The Power of Nude

If you have it flaunt it!

To promote her new album “In the Morning”, Jennifer Lopez published a nude photograph on Instagram, hitting literally millions of likes in record time.

The 51-year-old was photographed by renowned fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. She looks absolutely amazing with a super toned body.

Not so long ago, Gwyneth Paltrow also posted a nude photo for her 48th birthday with the caption: “In nothing but my birthday suit today… Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes and thank you @goop’s insanely amazing brand new body butter for making me think I can still get my kit off.”

It may not necessarily be the work of miraculous creams or Photoshop. If you go on holiday in places like Ibiza, you can see quite clearly that some people are naturally blessed with a beautiful body.

They just look like a million dollars, and it could simply be put down to good genes, however, it does help to have a whole team of professionals around them.

In any case, it’s refreshing to watch women who are happy in their own skin promoting a healthy image of sexuality, beyond the conventional duality of Jacky Kennedy versus Marilyn Monroe (women men like to marry versus women men enjoy sleeping with).

This reminds me of my slightly prophetic post Fashion Trends Autumn 2020, which mentions the viral video of Be a Lady, which plays with a wide range of judgments most women have to endure during their lifetime.

The most unbelievable one in recent times has to be the negative comments on British Harper’s Bazaar Instagram account, when the magazine published a post about the miscarriage grief shared by the Duchess of Sussex in the New York Times.

It would be really amazing if people could focus on sharing love instead, we can all Be the Change. I remember going on a date in Paris with an American, who had actually done a DNA ancestry test, to find out more about his genes.

There were so many different countries listed in his results!!! I’m sure we’re all like that. No one has been living in the same country for more than a few centuries at most. And even in the same country, there are always people from other countries either settling in or dropping by.

It was funny to read some of the comments on Jennifer Lopez post, saying her youthful look was due to her ancestors from Latin America, referring Salma Hayek as another prime example. Genes can only take you so far, there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Pregnancy seems to be another time when women feel happy with their body. It’s worth mentioning Demi Moore was the first woman to take her clothes off for the cover of Vanity Fair on such occasion.

Many other women have followed in her footsteps, and recently Emily Ratajkowski posted a selfie nude photo on her Instagram account, showing off her baby bump.

Whether we’re skinny or curvaceous, and whatever our skin tone, the most beneficial approach is to accept our body, and do our best to keep it healthy.

We all know this requires quite a lot of effort, eating healthy foods and exercising regularly are crucial. There are no miracles. Throughout his movie career. Christian Bale has clearly shown that it’s possible to sculpt the body if we put our mind to it.

Nonetheless, there’s not much point to get too worked up about it. All bodies will inevitably age and cease to function. As poet Juvenal wrote in Antiquity, Mens sana in corpore sano, "a healthy mind in a healthy body". It’s important to note mind comes first.

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