Top 25 Red Carpet Dresses

Halfway through a four-week lockdown in England, it feels uplifting to look at the most beautiful red carpet dresses of all time. This list only features film stars who have the ability of captivating us on the silver screen.

What renders a memorable red carpet moment? Besides the obvious zeitgeist, when a particular actress is enjoying a career highlight or a film is resonating with many people around the world, it’s important to recognise the role played by a good celebrity stylist or an efficient talent manager, who is able to secure successful brand partnerships.

Luxury brands, and couture houses in particular, are always on the look out for a celebrity who is able to embody the brand’s values and image. This is a win-win situation, as an actress also needs to remain in the public eye.

Red carpet dresses can always count with the attention of multiple media around the world, from TV shows to magazines, and are widely shared online and on social media.

There are all sorts of lists, from 'best dressed’ to ‘worst dressed’ so it remains a highly subjective matter, as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Many elements need to come together for a ‘Cinderella’ moment on the red carpet. A good celebrity stylist needs to have a clear vision, taking into account the personality of the celebrity as well as the body shape. Mutual understanding and trust are also crucial for this dynamic relationship to be fruitful.

There are many brand influences and partnership considerations that can undermine the ability to stay focused and push boundaries, without ever losing sight of who the person is.

Each celebrity has a style evolution throughout the years as the career progresses, but an aspiring actress should definitely invest in a personal stylist from the start, to define a strategic public image.

Most films tend to be about heroes and villains or shallow love stories, special effects can create increasingly fantastic worlds and there’s more and more violence led by men and women alike.

Apart from exceptional period drama, there aren’t so many films with depth, where characters can actually tell a story with a mesmerising performance.

When a good script or role comes about, the competition must be fierce. A good stylist can raise an actress profile and if there's enough talent and skill, this relationship can actually open some doors. It works like marketing investment, and someone in the public eye should definitely see her public persona as a brand.

We should never undermine the power of a beautiful dress! It may feel superficial to be writing about this during lockdown, but a bit of glamour can definitely lighten up our mood.

Think of Brazil, one of many countries in the world plagued by severe socio-economic disparity, where most people have to endure challenging circumstances on a daily basis. Nonetheless, Brazilians celebrate carnival in quite a majestic way.

Let’s remember how wartime propaganda instructed women not to abandon standards of dress to keep up the morale. Women actually painted dark stripes on the backs of their legs to mimic stocking seams.

This may seem extreme but the message still stands, when the imminence of death is clear, we have even more thirst for life. Bring back the glamour!

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