Top Halloween Photos

No, this is not about Halloween parties or celebrities costumes, apart from a photo of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas delightfully embodying characters from The Addams Family.

London and New York really take Halloween to heart and some people, both established photographers and amateurs, have captured beautifully these moments in the year when cities rise up to the occasion with pumpkins, skeletons and other Halloween paraphernalia.

It's all fun and games but do we actually remember the dead? Whether we're spiritual or not, it's important to reserve some time to send our love to those who have passed away, not only those connected to us, but also those who may have died in great anguish.

Think of the First and Second World Wars or those dying in the conflicts happening around the world right now.

It's important to also be aware of our limited lease on life and stir it towards a meaningful direction. What are we doing with our life? Are we happy with the person we have become? It's worth contemplating these questions from time to time...

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