Trendy Colour

This morning, when I was running in the park, a beautiful tree just caught my eye. A particular colour that was not red, not brown and not orange but something in between, brought to mind a few images from the latest catwalk shows.

But when browsing them to confirm if it was indeed a trend, it was clear that was not the case at all. Could this be a future trend? We have to wait for the upcoming shows next winter to find out.

Spring 2020: Stella McCartney, Valentino and Victoria Beckham

If we walk down the street most people tend to wear black or dark grey coats during this time of year which is a real shame. Colours have the power to uplift our mood and especially when daylight is scarce, it can be good to embrace warm tones found in natural landscapes.

My latest 'fashion styling' update features ideas about an Autumn Day look. This is not an encouragement to shopping things you don't need, after all fashion is cyclic, so chances are you already have those colours on your wardrobe anyway.

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