Venice Film Festival

Many red carpet events have been forced to be cancelled, postponed or taken online due to the coronavirus pandemic. So it’s really exciting to hear the Venice film festival will go ahead, even though it may look differently than usual, due to necessary safety measures.

Venice Film Festival 2019

The star-studded event is going to be an uplifting moment of amazing films, (let’s not forget Cannes is planning to jointly present films with the Venice film festival), creative talent and beautiful red carpet fashion.

Due to begin on 2 September, and after such challenging times and prolonged lockdown in so many countries around the world, people will definitely need something to take their mind off their habitual concerns.

Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised with dresses from previous collections promoting fashion sustainability, but it’s likely that celebrity stylists will secure one-off dresses by brands that have ongoing partnerships with particular stars or are looking to forge a new one.

If not, we may be seeing dresses from the last couture shows in Paris, which were covered on my blog post Red Carpet Ready.

For this occasion, I propose one of the following off the shoulder dresses for a bit of glamour in the beautiful Italian city, known for its outstanding carnival costumes.

Spring 2020 Couture

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