Who to follow on Instagram?

Instagram can definitely be inspirational, if you follow people you admire due to their talent, values or personality. But it's good to bear in mind it's designed to hook you with its endless stream of eye-catching images. My advice is to limit the time you spend on this app, no longer than a few minutes per day.

Target those who use it as a tool to share #goodvibesonly or to promote #sustainablefashion or #noplastic, to name but a few worthwhile causes. It's definitely good to use your common sense to not end up following those who risk their lives to take a good selfie or even die for it, and who promote things without clearly stating it.

In any case, Instagram is a great way to be inspired. Here's my first selection of the "Best of Instagram" for this blog! Just click on each image to check out their profile, but I'm sure you're already familiar with some of these people.

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