Why Circular Fashion?

Brave New World: Style and Substance

Let’s face it, some clothes have the power to make us feel like a million dollars and if you’re comfortable being a ‘real-life’ model and sharing your private life for others entertainment, it’s very likely that you will make a lot of money from it too.

Even in severe times, looking our best can become a coping mechanism and a way of fighting back.

The pandemic has pushed sustainability right to the top of fashion’s agenda, particularly with widespread news about the shameful labour practices across the supply chain by some of the most popular brands in the world.

Fashion has a highly hierarchical system that seemed impenetrable even for industry insiders, who despite being aware of what was going on, felt powerless to change anything.

Cracks are now becoming visible and there’s hope towards a circular fashion, with rental and resale businesses proliferating and showing up in respected media.

Looking back, social media has changed everything in fashion, it’s such a powerful business engine! It’s all about wearing different outfits all the time, and simulating a persona and a lifestyle that may or may not be related to who we are and how we truly live.

It all became so over the top that some influencers didn’t even bother to stage a lifestyle anymore, they just tried different things on at home, and posted a video about it.

This just removed the magic out of fashion, like those overcrowded retail spaces with so much merchandise that it ends up on the shop floor…

To be seen wearing the same outfit is still considered a ‘faux pas’, to the point that when the Duchess of Cambridge wears the same outfit or shoes, it is still considered news material.

The question is, can people really change their habitual behaviour? It has always been intriguing how most consumers seem unaware of their power to change how fashion works. Are they simply oblivious to it? Or consciously prefer to turn a blind eye to what’s happening?

In order to stay relevant, brands have no other option but to follow consumers and their shopping habits. Trend forecasting agencies, such WGSN and The Future Laboratory, predict consumers will care more and more about sustainability.

It sounds good to be politically correct but can we grow out of wearing different clothes all the time? People want to lead a sustainable life but don’t want to compromise on what they have been accustomed to.

If you’re not particularly fond of the ‘natural’ look offered by most sustainable brands, circular fashion may be a good avenue to explore.

Personally, I believe there is a lot to do about it, that's why I'm currently fundraising for a new business. The point is to make sustainability easy for fashion forward women.

"What man can conceive and believe, he can achieve." Napoleon Hill

If you’re familiar with my styling gallery, it’s clear ethical brands don’t show up that much, despite being a strong advocate of sustainable fashion. I just can’t compromise on style!

This approach will ensure a highly curated selection of fashion forward pieces that are also sustainable, due to circular economy principles imbued in the business from the start. To learn more about it and spread the word click here.

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