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Different looks for joyful moments in life

Spring Party

Spring always feels like a fresh start, nature dresses up, flowers bloom and birds sing. And especially after such tough times it's good to go with the flow.

Bright colours have an uplifting quality and yellow in particular can signal professional success, something more and more people need.

Be bold and go for colourful and eye-catching patterns!

White & Gold

There's something quite alluring about mixing white and gold, it's reminiscent of the way Greek goddesses tend to be depicted in paintings.

A long skirt is both comfortable and elegant, and it goes very well with a cropped top, which creates a fine balance in the silhouette.

Remember what you wear underneath is just as important to make you feel feminine...

City Walk

Check tweed is definitely a trend emerging from the latest collections for Autumn 2021. I guess Dries van Notten was one step ahead of other designers.

Yes, we can dress up for a walk in the city. You never know who you may meet by chance while getting a bit of fresh air.

All these are investment pieces, that you can wear many times, or even rent out!

Work Meeting

Most work meetings are currently virtual, but if you need to go to the office, make sure you have a bag big enough to carry your laptop.

Soft tones of beige and brown look really good with white, so everything feels earthy but also light.

Add a statement necklace and a stylish pair of boots to bring a daring touch to the whole look.

Valentine's Playfulness

It's always interesting to discover something new about someone you're already quite familiar with.

These Coco de Mer cards have been written by sex expert Susie Bright, and contain ‘Tell Me’ and ‘I Dare You’ options.

Obviously the silk robe is not meant to go over the dress.

NYE Celebration

Unfortunately this year, there are no wild parties nor a midnight kiss amongst cheering crowds and overflowing champagne.

But this doesn't mean there's no dancing! It's definitely worth celebrating being alive and healthy.

It's a more intimate affair but there's still room to be glamorous and joyful... Happy New Year!

Christmas Glamour

Christmas is usually associated with red, but this green dress looks quite festive with golden embellishments.

If you want to stare at the stars in the sky, a velvet cape will keep you warm and you can wear it on many different occasions.

It's elegant and reminiscent of a period drama. Add a velvet bow to your hair with matching feminine shoes to bring everything together.

Pink Panther

Saint Laurent's latex leggings are bound to bring a bit of sex appeal to any outfit.

To soften it, add a pastel shade of pink and a bit of volume with a classic coat silhouette and demure clutch bag.

This is a great opportunity to wear feminine puffed sleeves. Artistic sunglasses will bring the whole look together.

Winter Day

One of the trends for this season, if we can call it that, is a 'tough skin' and this dress has a feminine shape that gives the whole look a soft nuance.

Long gloves and a cape are a way of keeping you warm but also elegant. To know more about this season's trends check out this blog post.

Of course, a great pair of high heels and big sunglasses add a bit of glamour to face the cold weather in style!

Oscars After Party

Sometimes, it's important to go inside out when preparing a look for an important event.

Sexy lingerie, as French women so well know, is not only playful but boosts your confidence. This one in particular, ensures everything stays in the right place.

A warm and long coat will feel like a warm blanket at the end of the night, and will allow you to leave the party in style.

Country Walk

Whether you're going away for the weekend or live in the countryside, you can still look feminine and elegant when going for a walk. 

Both the tweed skirt and the cashmere polo neck can keep you warm without adding extra volume to your body.


Be prepared for the mud and rain with proper footwear, raincoat and a woollen bonnie beret.

Halloween Party

When you're invited to a Halloween party but don't necessarily want to dress up as a particular character, this is a happy compromise.

The advantage is you're still within the theme of the party and will be able to wear everything on many other occasions.

It's always preferable to go for investment pieces and avoid getting something to wear just for a particular party.

Autumn Day

Be inspired by nature and the beautiful Autumn colours you see around you in the park, to select the most heart warming pieces for your wardrobe.

Take the opportunity to check what you already have and add up elements to create a colour palette that stimulates your positive mood.

As days get darker we should get lighter, not to match the brightness of summer, but softer hues that are comforting like a warm vegetable soup.

Date Night

It's not so easy to dress for a date night, especially if it's the first time you're meeting a potential partner.

If in doubt, the safest option is to go for an elegant look to avoid creating false expectations. 

Black and gold is a match made in heaven and you can never go wrong with 'Manolos', which you can treasure for life.

Back in the Office

If you have been away for a while, it can be challenging to go back to your daily routine of working in the office.

A smart and comfortable style will help you get through the initial nostalgia. Soft and warm colours can go a long way.

Add some playfulness with a more eye catching bag, big enough to carry everything you need for the day.

Night at the Opera

A black-tie Gala performance is a wonderful occasion to dress up to. A long feminine dress in flowing fabrics will make you feel beautiful.

This is the time to go for super high heels to elongate your figure and add your most precious jewellery.

An exquisite clutch bag is like the cherry at the top of the cake.

Lunch Meeting

If you have a lunch meeting coming up and are not sure abut what to wear, it's a good idea to keep it simple.

Soft colours always have a serene allure, that will enable you to remain calm under pressure. Stilettos will facilitate a confident body posture.

Obviously, the main point is to prepare as much as possible to exude confidence from within.

Evening Event

When you know it's going to be an exciting night ahead, it's impossible to go wrong with a little black dress.

A versatile leather headband and beautiful golden earrings will ensure the attention is drawn to your face.

Keep your hair up on a high ponytail and complement the whole look with an eye catching clutch bag.

Back to Work

It can be difficult to go back to work after a long period of staying home with loved ones.


Beautiful earrings will add a joyful touch to your look, perhaps even evoking a heart warming memory.

Start with a favourite pair of shoes and then build up your outfit around it. A good black blazer will feel like an elegant armour preparing you for the day ahead.

Wedding Guest

It's difficult to choose what to wear for a wedding, as you want to look elegant but without stealing the show from the bride.

Unless you're told otherwise on the wedding invitation, there are two colours to avoid: white and black.


A pastel colour palette is quite appropriate. The main point is to avoid a sexy look and go for a romantic style instead. 

Private Party

A house with charming high ceiling rooms, secret passages and a long swimming pool, canapés and martinis flowing through the night...

This is the perfect time to shine and enjoy yourself! It's always a good idea to take a white blazer just in case you start feeling cold.


A small clutch bag is the best option to such occasions as you want to dance freely.

Afternoon Tea

Whether you're meeting a friend or going on a first date, an afternoon tea in a beautiful place always feels like a treat.

Each tier is charged with deliciousness and tea can definitely be swapped by a glass of champagne.


If you're wearing a see through blouse, your lingerie  should be feminine and romantic in such surroundings.

Outdoor Event

How to prepare for an outdoor event that starts on a hot afternoon and can carry on until late at night?

Vibrant colours are always a great way to celebrate summer and Richard Quinn has many beautiful patterns to choose from.

This is the best time of the year to wear colourful shoes with a bit of sparkle that will look amazing under the stars.

Al fresco Dining

Do you have an invitation for an al fresco dining experience in Italy? That's wonderful news and there's no need to worry about what to wear.

A long and light dress with a bit of sparkle will make you look your best throughout the night.


Carry a small bag, but big enough to have all you need to retouch your makeup. You can tie up a small scarf around it to make it more personal.

Garden Brunch

When it's really hot outside, cotton fabrics are the best to let the skin breathe properly.

Always take a scarf with you so you can use it to cover your head to protect you from the heat of the sun, or wear it as a fashionable face mask.

Go for bright colours to celebrate summer and don't forget to take your sunglasses to avoid having your eyes closed on memorable photographs.

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