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Support a New Sustainable Fashion Business

Brand Strategy

With a view to start a new fashion business, I created a crowdfunding appeal to launch my project: Swap & Buy. It intends to disrupt the way fashion operates by proposing an alternative business model, with sustainability as a strong foundation from the start. Consumers are able to swap or buy womenswear in a retail space that offers a luxury shopping experience. 


Both Kering and LVMH are investing on sustainability as this is predicted to be a decisive factor for purchasing in the future, which is in itself a great business opportunity.


Swap & Buy aims to be a unique shopping destination for fashion forward women who want to lead a sustainable life.


Circular economy is embedded in the business, which offers strictly fashion forward pieces. Design is King.


Range planning
  • Secondhand womenswear (dry-cleaned and in pristine condition)

  • New womenswear and accessories from past collections

  • New womenswear and accessories from current season (sustainable brands only)*

  • Fashion up-cycling (new womenswear made from secondhand/unsold clothes) 

*Based on qualifications given by Good on You  website/app.


Who is It for?

Women who love fashion but don't want to engage with the negative repercussions of the industry on other people and the planet. Nothing new is purposefully produced for Swap & Buy. The purpose is to protect the environment and avoid the abuse of those producing cheap clothes abroad.



This fundraising would only cover the costs of a limited trial period of up to one month, to test how people respond to this new retail concept. It includes renting a pop-up shop in a premium location in London, and all the logistics associated with it, from merchandise to staff, security, transportation, bank fees...


Meaning and gratitude

Your support means the world! I would be able to do something fulfilling while making the world a better place, and would definitely seek multiple collaborations, favouring students and recent graduates to work on creative projects such as videos and fashion editorials to promote the business, connecting with them through the-dots platform.

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