Sustainable Fashion Business

For chic and stylish women who want to lead a sustainable life

Business Opportunity

This video features a pitch presentation of a new sustainable fashion business, offering women a way to incorporate sustainability into their daily lives, without having to give up their love for fashion. The business is based on circular economy principles, and its unique selling point is a highly curated selection of stylish and sustainable womenswear.

The idea is to support the shift towards a circular fashion industry and foster sustainable brands, preserving the environment and ensuring fairness across supply chains. It intends to disrupt the way fashion operates by proposing an alternative business model, with sustainability as a strong foundation from the start.

Consumers will be able to swap or buy a highly curated selection of womenswear, with a sophisticated and timeless style. The most renowned luxury groups in the world - Kering and LVMH - are investing more and more in sustainability. It is predicted to become a decisive factor for consumer purchasing in the future. This is a great business opportunity!


It's for women who love fashion, but want to refrain from the negative repercussions the industry has on people and the planet. If you're a private investor do not hesitate to get in touch. I am happy to share the business plan with a potential investor or business partner. 

The first video was filmed in Paris back in the summer 2019, initially aimed at raising funds to develop a new sustainable fashion business. Kickstarter stopped supporting resale projects and Station F, a business incubator for startups in Paris, rejected the concept.


It wasn't possible to raise enough capital through another crowdfunding initiative, so private investment is now being considered. I have applied twice for a grant from Innovate UK, and even though my project was rejected on both occasions, I continue to firmly believe in its potential to change the way we consume fashion, while also being a profitable business.